CDFS is Australia and New Zealand’s premier and most trusted supplier of digital forensic tools, training and certification. Our team of specialists provide innovated solutions to clients across numerous sectors throughout Asia Pacific, as well as Law Enforcement and Government panels across ANZ.

Certified with relevant industry qualifications including Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), X-Ways Professional in Evidence Recovery Techniques (X-PERT), EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA), and Data Recovery Expert Certification, CDFS is a leading specialist in the identification, preservation, analysis, and management of digital evidence.

Our mission is to provide world class digital forensic training and certification services.

CDFS maintains its own purpose-built, world class training facilities at our Head Office in Canberra. The facility includes a digital forensics laboratory, data recovery laboratory, and chip-off station, catering for both vendor based and vendor independent training. CDFS has access to a broad range of skilled and experienced personnel to assist with the delivery of courses. Our training facility not only supports training sessions, but small-group briefing sessions and webinars as well.

We deliver, host, and facilitate training and certification for both vendor based and vendor independent education, and are an authorised training centre for many leading digital forensic courses.

With our close vendor relationships, we ensure the right vendor training opportunities are available for our clients to meet their professional development requirements. We see vendor independent training as equally important as tool specific training, and go to great lengths to consider, develop, host, and deliver specific key courses throughout the APAC region.

Drawing on our expertise, and in conjunction with international experts in the fields of digital forensics, cyber-crime and related law enforcement areas, we ensure our tailored training is kept up-to-date with the rapidly changing landscape of technology and digital evidence.