Elcomsoft Updater Hotfix

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Elcomsoft Updater Hotfix

We learned about the issue that makes it impossible to receive updates to your installed Elcomsoft products when you use Elcomsoft Updater. On some computers, the Updater not only fails to update the installed product but fails to update the patched version of the tool.

We have patched the issue and released a hotfix for the Updater tool. Due to the nature of the issue that prevents automatic updates, you’ll have to manually download and install the hotfix. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please rest assured that the patched version of Elcomsoft Updater with each and every tool you can download from our Web site that had the Updater included as part of the distribution.

What is Elcomsoft Updater?

Elcomsoft Updater is an optional part of the overall software package when you install Elcomsoft products. The tool automatically checks for new versions of Elcomsoft software installed on the computer, keeping the software versions up-to-date to help users receive timely updates with new features, software optimizations and security fixes. We strongly recommend keeping the Updater option selected during the installation to keep up with Elcomsoft new releases.

Who should update?

All customers who have one or more Elcomsoft products installed should download the hotfix to enable seamless automatic updates of Elcomsoft tools.

How to update

The update is free of charge to all customers. Please download the most recent version of Elcomsoft Updater from the following link: https://www.elcomsoft.com/elcomsoft_updater.html