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FEC v3.80 is here! This release introduces a whole new way of searching emails, which is a significant milestone for FEC. 👍🏻

Inline Search

In addition to its in-place search capabilities, FEC now comes equipped with a powerful indexing engine that can search emails inline.
Inline Search can be used on its own or combined with In-place Search and differential acquisitions to narrow down the data set while performing complex searches such as regular expression, proximity, and wildcard searches to scan for personally identifiable information (PII).

You can activate Inline Search as follows. We have also included a sandbox where you can load a test email to fine-tune your Inline Search queries.

You can see a quick demonstration of Inline Search in our workshop here.



Drive Improvements

We have enhanced FEC’s Drive attachment/revision acquisition capabilities by introducing in-place throttling mitigation, improved handling of special characters in Drive paths, and faster identification of permission issues that would interfere with revision acquisition.

Throttling Improvements

We have started a new phase of throttling mitigation by implementing granular retry attempts that occur in place rather than as part of new retry cycles. In our testing, we have seen significant improvements in heavily-throttled scenarios such as O365 snapshots that involve expensive in-place searches as well as Drive acquisition in general.

PST Output Performance Enhancements

PST output pipeline has been fine-tuned to improve output performance and better tolerate edge case errors.