CDFS is Australia and New Zealand’s premier and most trusted supplier of digital forensic tools, training and certification. Our team of specialists provide innovated solutions to clients across numerous sectors throughout Asia Pacific, as well as Law Enforcement and Government panels across ANZ.

Certified with relevant industry qualifications including Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), X-Ways Professional in Evidence Recovery Techniques (X-PERT), EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA), and Data Recovery Expert Certification, CDFS is a leading specialist in the identification, preservation, analysis, and management of digital evidence.

Data Conversion

We support a vast range of storage media including, but not limited to, backup tape standards such as LTO, DLT, and AIT, zip drives, memory cards, and even floppy disks. Our team have significant experience undertaking projects such as:

  • Migration of data from obsolete media to current backup media
  • Restoration of data sets from legacy backup systems into formats to implement in existing backup regimes, or transfer to encrypted portable media or secure cloud services
  • Conversion of legacy and current data sets, such as proprietary email databases, into an easily accessible format for legal teams and the & user
  • Tailoring solutions for existing back up processes, future-proofing and back
    up monitoring

Data Recovery

Our team of specialists understand not only the data itself, but the intrinsic and commercial value of data. We have assisted thousands of Australia-based customers recover valuable data from hard drives, servers, complex RAID environments, external storage devices, and all other types of media. We diagnose the majority of cases over the phone and provide a full
quote with no hidden costs. Our specialists provide solutions tailored to the specific data loss crisis encountered by clients, in a secure, forensically sound manner backed by stringent processes.