OpenText™ Tableau TX1 Firmware Update 21.1 is now available

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OpenText™ Tableau TX1 Firmware Update 21.1 is now available

The 21.1 firmware update for OpenText Tableau TX1 forensic imagers adds additional data security features for evidence integrity.

What’s new in Tableau TX1 Firmware Update 21.1

NIST wiping standard compliance

Compliance with US federal data erasure guidelines and the NIST wiping standard allows for clean destination media so it may be reused without cross-contamination. This feature provides customers with a digital forensics best practice and allows federal agencies who must comply with the NIST standard to use Tableau in their investigations.

Custom wiping

TX1 now provides users the option to define a custom data pattern to be applied when wiping destination media for uncompromised use. The custom data pattern is specified using hexadecimal characters (combination of 0-9, a-f, or A-F) and is limited to a two-byte maximum. For a multi-pass wipe, the custom data pattern will be applied on the last pass.

For a complete list of new features and fixed issues, refer to the Release Notes.

Software downloads

Customers and partners can download the most recent firmware update from the OpenText Tableau Download Center by visiting the link below:

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