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Advanced Intuit Password Recovery

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery


Unlock password-protected Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks documents.


  • Recover original Quicken passwords with GPU-assisted attacks
  • Instantly unlock QuickBooks files by resetting the password
  • Supports documents and passwords in all languages and encodings
  • Recover passwords for localized and international versions


Supports: Quicken 2006 through 2020, QuickBooks 2006 through 2021, most non-US versions of Quicken and QuickBooks, as well as most international versions; Intuit Quicken .QDF, QuickBooks .QBW


Password Recovery for Intuit Documents


Recover lost and forgotten passwords to Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks files, including many localized and international variants. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery attacks passwords and unlocks Intuit Quicken .QDF documents and instantly unlocks password-protected and QuickBooks .QBW files.


Advanced Intuit Password Recovery employs highly effective hardware acceleration to speed up Quicken password recovery using consumer-grade video cards made by AMD and NVIDIA. As a result, Advanced Intuit Password Recovery is capable of attacking up to 1.2 million passwords per second using a single NVIDIA GTX 1080 video card. Last-generation NVIDIA boards are supported through CUDA 10.


Supported Products


  • Quicken versions 2006 through 2020 (password recovery)
  • QuickBooks versions 2006 through 2021 (instant unlock)
  • Most non-US versions of Quicken and QuickBooks
  • International versions e.g. versions


Supported File Formats


  • Intuit Quicken .QDF
  • QuickBooks .QBW

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery. Change QuickBooks password

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery. Brute-force attack in progress

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery. Main window

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery. Attack settings


All Features and Benefits


Instantly unlocks password-protected QuickBooks files


Remove passwords from QuickBooks files in just a click. Guaranteed. Both user and administrator passwords can be removed.


Unlock password-protected QuickBooks documents by resetting the password instead of recovering it! It does not matter how long and complex your password is. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery unlocks your documents with a guaranteed positive result and no guessing involved.

Advanced attacks: targeting the human factor


Advanced Intuit Password Recovery supports a range of highly sophisticated attacks ranging from plain dictionary attacks to brute force. Experts can use advanced mutations to try password combinations and modifications of dictionary words that are most commonly used by the average user. By targeting the human factor, you can significantly reduce the number of passwords to try and increase the chance of successful recovery.

GPU-accelerated password recovery for multiple products


Advanced Intiut Password Recovery employs a revolutionary, patented technology to accelerate password recovery when a compatible NVIDIA graphics card is present. Hardware acceleration utilizes GPU cores of NVIDIA GeForce boards to offloads parts of computational-heavy processing onto the fast and highly scalable processors featured in the latest graphic accelerators, achieving unprecedented recovery speeds exceeding those available to CPU-only users by significant margin.


ElcomSoft pioneered asynchronous hardware acceleration. Heterogeneous acceleration allows using multiple video cards of different models, effectively utilizing existing hardware and squeezing the last bit of performance out of every supported component.

Universal compatibility


Supports Quicken 2006 through 2020, QuickBooks 2006 through 2021, most non-US versions of Quicken and QuickBooks; Intuit Quicken .QDF, QuickBooks .QBW. Most international versions of Intuit apps are supported.


The tool supports documents and passwords in all languages and encodings. No matter what language or encoding the password is, Advanced Intuit Password Recovery will break it.