AI-Enabled Rapid Assessment of CSAM


AIRA is a solution laser-focused automated detection of 1st Generation CSAM. AIRA utilizes the newest detection technology, with an AI Classifier that’s trained on abstracted data, which makes it very easily re-trainable, and also more precise than any AI has ever been.

Benefits of AIRA


  • Find 1st Gen & Modified CSAM
    AIRA was developed for easy automated detection of 1st Generation CSAM in data extracted from mobile devices and other digital data storage devices.
  • Unmatched precision
    The CSAM classifier currently achieves hit rates of around 90% with extremely low false positive rates (0.5-3% – further reduction through cascaded setups).
  • Dive deeper into data
    The addition of age and gender estimation based on children’s visible faces, the ability to find specific tattoos, logos, bedsheets or other patterns in pictures and videos make AIRA indispensable.
  • Developed with Experts
    Developed with and for ZAC NRW (Central Offices and Cybercrime Division) at General State Attorney’s Office Cologne, Germany.
  • Rapid access to key evidence
    AIRA’s powerful media analysis engine rapidly provides meaningful evidence, and helps to quickly close cases of minors sharing only a few illegal files.
  • Cloud ready
    AIRA is fully containerized, allowing for easy adoption into common cloud and edge environments. Due to the modular containerized setup, AIRA in the cloud can be scaled horizontally and vertically.