Amped Engine: Integrated CCTV/DVR converter



Integrated CCTV/DVR converter


A command line tool that can be integrated into third-party systems such as digital evidence management systems (DEMS), video analytics tools, and local storage, to support CCTV/DVR proprietary video formats.



Allows to support video conversion into your system without the need of complex APIs or SDKs.



Batch convert videos from proprietary CCTV/DVR formats and other sources without quality loss.



Customize the conversion with command line parameters or by user defined configuration files.



Makes available to third parties the conversion technology used in the Amped products.


Batch convert unplayable videos


With a simple command line instruction


Amped Engine is a command-line based application that allows support for proprietary video formats coming from CCTV/DVRs and other sources, and that easily integrates into third-party systems such as digital evidence management systems (DEMS), video analytics tools, and local storage.


The power of video conversion into your solution


Amped Engine is the perfect solution for bringing Amped’s unmatched lossless CCTV conversion capabilities into your software or infrastructure. With Amped Engine there’s no need for complex software development kit (SDK) documentation or advanced programming knowledge.


Supports hundreds of file formats


Batch convert videos from proprietary CCTV/DVR formats, body-worn, dash cams, mobile phones, drones, social media, and more without quality loss.


The conversion engine


Amped Engine converts video files in a forensically sound manner, preserving the original quality and separating standard encoding information from proprietary metadata to avoid errors and lost frames during playback.




  • Easy to integrate
    Amped Engine can be easily integrated into your infrastructure or software thanks to its Command Line Interface. When the process is finished, the produced log file can be parsed by your application to inform the end user about the outcome of the conversion.
  • Compatible
    Amped Engine currently supports hundreds of proprietary video formats from DVRs and CCTVs, dash cams, body-worn cameras, and many more.
  • Configurable
    You can customize the conversion settings by adding parameters to the command or storing customized settings files to use later. This makes the conversion easily reproducible and highly customizable so that conversion settings can be adaptively adjusted based on external information and rules.
  • Flexible licensing
    Amped Engine is a standalone console-based software compatible with standard Windows machines (either physical or virtual). The software is provided as an annual floating license based on the number of concurrent uses, and managed either with a network dongle or online licensing, depending on the availability or isolation from the Internet.
  • Forensically sound
    Amped Software knows how important it is for our users to maintain an audit trail for evidence and preserve original files; that is why Amped Engine maintains the original file, generates an open-format playable version (allowing preservation of the original pixels in most cases), and produces a report detailing the process.
  • Fast
    With Amped Engine, the process is simple and fast. A single call to the software executable and previously unplayable files can be viewed in seconds or minutes.
  • Top level customer support
    Users can submit videos to Amped technical support for the files that Amped Engine hasn’t encountered before, so our development team can attempt decoding them and add support for their formats in a software update.



  • Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS)
  • Digital Assets Management Systems (DAMS)
  • Video Sharing Platforms
  • Public submission Portals
  • Companies handling surveillance videos
  • Companies handling user-submitted videos
  • Any company looking for an SDK/API to convert proprietary CCTV/DVR video formats