AMPED FIVE : Forensic Image and Video Analysis



Forensic Image and Video Enhancement


Conduct investigations with advanced and fully customizable processes for conversion, restoration, enhancement, measurement, presentation, and reporting.



More than 140 filters and tools convert, process, enhance, analyze, present, and document images and videos.



Validated, used, and accepted by law enforcement, government agencies, and courts worldwide.



Works with images, videos, and most proprietary CCTV/DVR formats.



Generate automatically a detailed scientific report that is admissible in court.




Image and video forensic software


Amped FIVE is the complete image and video forensics software, acclaimed for its reliability and workflow efficiency. Image and video analysts worldwide have contributed to the software development used today, ensuring all aspects of the investigation process can be completed within a single application.


Courtroom admissable report


Accurate | Repeatable | Reproducible


Amped FIVE meets the needs of judicial systems worldwide, by using scientifically validated algorithms, and producing a report with all the processing steps, settings, and algorithms used in the analysis. This reporting feature is extremely valuable to validate the integrity of video evidence in order to be admissible in court.




Accepted by government agencies, ISO-accredited labs and legal systems worldwide.


Forensically sound


Scientific-based software for forensic image and video enhancement




  • 1. Convert
    Import any type of image, video, or sequence of images into Amped FIVE. This solution supports the majority of proprietary CCTV video formats with no quality loss.
  • 2. Analyze
    Analyze specific details of images and videos such as EXIF metadata, video format and codec features, frame-by-frame encoding type and compression macroblocks.
  • 3. Select
    Speed-up workflow on long videos by locating the frames of interest and selecting a range, a specific view, or specific frames defined by the user.
  • 4. Restore and enhance
    Process the frames by combining more than 140 available filters and tools, in order to restore specific defects and enhance the final result.
  • 5. Redact, annotate and present
    Create video presentations by combining multiple sources, applying annotations and audio and video redaction to your footage.
  • 6. Export results
    Save the result of the processing as an image, video or sequence. It is also possible to show all original frames side by side with the processed version, to demonstrate the work done.
  • 7. Report
    Generate automatically a report containing the scientific methodology of all processing steps. The report provides the scientific references for each filter used and the parameter settings



Amped FIVE is used by forensic labs, law enforcement, government, military, and security organizations worldwide. Municipalities, court experts and private companies working in the forensic and investigative fields also benefit from this solution.


  • 100+ countries worldwide
  • 2800+ licenses and seats sold
  • 1200+ organizations in public safety and national security
  • 2400+ people trained on our products



Enhancing images and videos has never been easier


More than 140 filters and tools, to analyze, restore, and enhance digital images and videos. Amped FIVE has the ability to stabilize shaky videos, correct blurred details or adjust noise and lighting issues. Specialized features include super resolution, redaction, photogrammetry, stabilization, perspective correction, object tracking, deblurring, motion detection and much more.