AMPED REPLAY : CCTV Converter and Player for Investigators



The enhanced video player for police investigators


Easy to use video player for first-level analysis of video evidence with quick conversion, corrections, redaction, annotation functions, and reporting.



Convert and play videos from most proprietary CCTV/DVR formats, body-worn cameras, dashcams, mobile phones, drones, social media and more



Apply quick corrections to images and videos with basic enhancement tools



Annotate digital multimedia evidence for investigations and media release



Redact sensitive audio, blur and/or hide sensitive data such as faces from video recordings


The trusted tool to play video evidence


and to speed up your investigations


Empowers investigators with one modern and simple tool to play video evidence, find clues faster and speed up investigations. With Amped Replay investigators can expedite their case and conduct a first-level analysis of the evidential footage.




  • Quickly view footage from various sources (CCTV, body-worn cameras, dash cameras, drones, and more)
  • Perform simple common tasks required to analyze video evidence during the initial stages of an investigation
  • Get an image ready for media release or public appeals
  • Process and prepare the video evidence for court with confidence without the need to rely on dedicated video evidence staff
  • Process the evidence in a safe and sound forensic manner


The “golden hour”


Video is often the only source of evidence in a case. Collecting video evidence is the first port of call for any investigator building a case. Time is often crucial and the quicker an investigator can obtain and view footage, the better.


Designed with simplicity in mind


Amped Replay offers forensic CCTV playback, fast processing, redaction, correction, annotations and the export of evidence for case building and disclosure.




  • Easy to use
    Amped Replay is designed to be intuitive and easy to master with a sleek, uncluttered, interface and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. Amped Replay offers basic enhancement, annotation, and redaction tools but nothing over-complicated or intimidating.
  • Quick
    View crucial video evidence as soon as you need it. Simply drag and drop a video file and it will be converted and loaded for review.
  • Disclosable
    Amped Replay allows for the export of images and videos while also providing the ability to generate a report with full details of any processing, annotations and redactions conducted on the evidence. It can be safely used in a criminal justice environment, by police, prosecutors, and courts.
  • Flexible and affordable
    Amped Replay is a single solution and does not require additional plug-ins, third-party software or special expensive hardware. There is just one platform to learn, maintain and deploy on hardware you already own. Because Amped Replay is compatible with standard PCs, the time and cost to deploy are minimal. Several licesing options are available, including perpetual, subscription or floating licenses.
  • Less case backlogs
    With Amped Replay case backlogs in forensic video labs are decreased; taking away basic low-level tasks gives forensic labs more resources to deal with more complex cases. Amped Replay also reduces work for the IT helpdesk as customers no longer require assistance with video playback and conversion.
  • Integrated with Amped FIVE
    Seamless integration between an initial Amped Replay project, saved by a detective or officer at the start of an investigation, to Amped FIVE. This link allows analysts and technicians using FIVE to peer review any work completed in Replay.
  • Easy installation
    Easy and streamlined installation with simple purchasing solutions.
  • Top-level customer support
    Users can submit videos to Amped technical support for the files that can’t be converted, so our development team can attempt decoding them and add support for their formats in a software update.



It is used by investigators, detectives, frontline officers, and first responders. Amped Replay can also be used by security personnel and CCTV operators.



Image and video


Amped Replay supports many types of image and video data retrieved from various multimedia sources (including audio and time-stamp streams) from CCTV and DVR systems, body-worn cameras, dash cameras, drones, mobile phones, fingerprints, documents, and much more. When a video that does not play in Amped Replay is found, be it a completely new format or a variant of an already supported format, users can contact our support team to analyze, decode and add support to the software. Support for proprietary formats is continuously updated according to end user’s requests.