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Forensic Data Recovery Tool

Atola Insight Forensic

Forensic Data Recovery Tool

Atola Insight Forensic is a fast forensic imager with the capacity to perform 3 simultaneous imaging sessions on a wide range of media.


It also offers complex yet highly automated data recovery functions on failing storage devices and provides utilities for accessing hard drives at the lowest level. Its sophisticated software is wrapped in a simple and effective user interface.


Designed for use both in the lab and in the field, Insight is developed by a team of industry renowned data recovery engineers in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and forensic experts from around the globe.


Atola Insight Forensic system includes:



We stand behind our product. If the hardware unit malfunctions, it’s covered by our Lifetime warranty for as long as your subscription is active.


The subscription includes 2-3 software updates in a year.

Atola Insight Forensic

Parallel imaging


Atola Insight is equipped with server-grade motherboard and CPU to sustain multiple imaging sessions at the top native speeds of the evidence drives, whether in good or bad condition.


  • 3 simultaneous imaging sessions + multitasking
  • 2 built-in 10Gb Ethernet ports
  • Imaging session speed up to 500 MB/s
  • E01, AFF4 or Raw target images created in the network or on target drives
  • Up to 3 targets per imaging session
  • Support of SATA, IDE, USB drives
  • Via extensions: SAS, M.2 NVMe and PCIe AHCI SSDs, Apple PCIe (2013-2015)
  • Built-in hardware write blocker for all source ports
  • Remote image acqusition via iSCSI


Atola Insight Forensic

Damaged drive support


All features are designed to support damaged media. In cases where other imagers stall or abort on media errors, Atola Insight can acquire a usable image. Types of damage supported: degraded or damaged heads, scratches on platters, logical errors, freezing drives, old drives with worn-out magnetic layer.



Atola Insight Forensic

Forensic feature set


Forensic data recovery specialists will take advantage of the low-level features listed below.


  • Unknown ATA password extraction
  • Locate sectors – detect which files and partitions they belong to specified drive sectors
  • On-the-fly sector-level Artifact finder based on Intel Hyperscan engine
  • Hash calculation (linear and segmented): MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Wiping methods including DoD 5220.22-M, Secure Erase, NIST 800-88, Pattern Erase
  • Forensic file recovery for NTFS, APFS (with encrypted volumes), XFS, ext4/3/2, ExFAT, HFS/HFS+, FAT32, FAT16
  • Case management system automatically generates detailed reports
  • Comparison of 1 drive against 3 drives or images
  • Detection and lifting of HPA/AMA/DCO restricted areas
  • SSD Trim


It is the only forensic hardware tool in the world with unknown ATA password removal, Locate sectors, and Artifact search in the course of imaging.


Other features are helpful for to prepare drives for image acquisition, analysis, testing, or other specific tasks.




1. Drive diagnostics


Atola imagers are the only products in both forensic and data recovery industries with the ability to automatically and accurately evaluate a hard drive’s health and pinpoint specific problems. Atola Insight automatically diagnoses the drive’s PCB, heads, media surface, firmware, and partitions, assesses imaging time, and creates a detailed report. The Diagnostics module helps you take informed decisions when getting down to imaging.

2. ATA password removal


Atola Insight automatically removes ATA passwords from hard drives in just 2 minutes. This sophisticated feature is executed with one click of a button. Whenever possible, the extracted password is displayed upon its removal.

3. Evidence drive imaging


Retrieving every fragment of data from a drive is a crucial to a forensically sound data acquisition. Atola Insight’s imaging system allows completely customizing imaging process to handle even damaged or unstable media.


It includes selective head imaging, which enables an individual imaging approach to each one based on the status of specific heads as identified by the Diagnostics module.


Not only does the imaging system copes with damaged drives, but also it runs multi-threaded sector-level analysis in the course of image acquisition:


  • artifact search
  • file signature detection
  • entropy calculation

4. Forensic file recovery


Insight’s file recovery module is simple, intuitive, and effective. It integrates seamlessly with the imaging functionality and the Case Management system to retrieve data effectively.


Sector-level analysis with Artifact Finder and Locate Sectors helps find forensic artifacts in unallocated and hidden spaces that you could miss.