Introducing ATRIO MK II

Your Ultimate In-Field Digital Forensics Solution!


ATRIO MK II delivers easy, automated, and rapid triage capabilities that act as your ultimate business development tool. Imagine effortlessly optimizing your performance with simultaneous operation, parallel tool execution, the latest hardware prowess, and eGPU compatibility.

Simplicity is Key:

ATRIO MK II is not just powerful; it’s also easy to operate. Minimal user interaction, pre-configuration, and no touchscreen frustration mean you’re up and running without a hitch. Reviewing output has never been smoother, and you won’t even need additional software!

Force Multiplier:

ATRIO MK II is the ultimate force multiplier for your digital forensics triage efforts. Its automated processing and independent hardware/software components enable more people to handle more data. With AI object detection and translation it takes your data processing to the next level.

Full-Cycle Triage:

Say goodbye to data overload headaches! ATRIO MK II seamlessly covers the full cycle of triage: Acquire, Extract, Parse, Organize, AI, Hash, and Virus Scan – all in a single, streamlined operation.


Smarter & Faster:

ATRIO MK II stands out with its intelligent and swift processing capabilities. It turbocharges your data processing rate, making short work of those daunting data sets.

Work from Anywhere:

ATRIO MK II is your portable partner in digital forensics! Use it from anywhere, whether you’re in the lab, at a search warrant, or forward deployed. It’s designed for versatility and convenience.

Quick Access Convenience:

ATRIO MK II’s array of convenient features includes data carving, formatting, and forensic drive wiping – all at your fingertips for that extra edge in mission needs.

Designed for Results:

ATRIO MK II was crafted with one goal in mind – to help organizations collect, process, and find key information faster and more accurately. It’s not just easy to use; the results are equally straightforward to digest.




  • Object Detection in Photos
  • 24 Classes, Handgun, License Plates, People, Vehicles, Street Signs, Beds and more,
  • Not Safe For Work (NSFW) AI Model highlighting Graphic Content

  • Translates Text Files into English
  • 2Supports 7 Languages: Russian, Korean Chinese x2, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Limited to 50 lines per document

  • Transcribes Wave Audio Files Into Text
  • Converts Other Audio Types into Wave to Transcribe

  • Will scrape text from PDF and Microsoft Word
  • ConvertsText File Versions to Translate



ATRIO MK II isn’t just a tool; it’s your digital forensic ally. Grab the data you need, and watch your organization thrive like never before. It’s time to level up your triage capabilities with ATRIO MK II!