Belkasoft X Corporate

for Corporate Investigations


Protect your business assets from malware and hacking attempts, perform cyber incident investigations and incident response, comply with legal requirements and regulations in eDiscovery, respond to insider threats, fight cyberharassment and bullying in the workplace.


Data breaches are your nightmare?


According to a World Economic Forum report*, there were on average 270 cyberattacks per organization during 2021. It does not matter if these attacks originated from an email or a poisoned link, involved a vulnerability, or an insider—every organization must be prepared to detect, mitigate and respond to the potential data breach.


Trace hacking attempts in your system to provide an efficient incident investigation with Belkasoft N.


When a human is a threat


PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022* shows that 31% of cybercrime incidents come from internal perpetrators. Stolen intellectual property or know-how, prohibited content views, and sexual and psychological harassment are inevitable and require attention within an organization.


Analyze communications via hundreds of messaging and email apps, build connection graphs, and detect anomalies in employees’ behavior with Belkasoft X.


Too many offices for one DFIR team?


Distributed teams, cloud services, and multiple offices—remote working is a new norm and an additional complexity for any digital investigation. Effective and fast incident response is possible, even if your company has offices spread over the entire planet.


Collect all data necessary for your investigation remotely and efficiently with Belkasoft R.


Implement Belkasoft within your organization, customize it for your company’s needs and budget, and boost your digital forensics, incident response, and eDiscovery capacity.


eDiscovery with Belkasoft


In the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats, it is important to have tools that can help you investigate and respond to security incidents quickly and effectively. Belkasoft offers advanced solutions that can help organizations stay ahead of the latest threats and minimize the impact of security incidents on their operations.


Robust email and document analysis


Analyze data from dozens of email and document formats, extract embedded files and attachments, index texts and metadata.


Export to RSMF and Concordance formats


Concordance and Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF) are two popular options to store data for the sake of eDiscovery and litigation. Export artifacts into RSMF and Concordance load files, suitable for file-based and message-based eDiscovery.


Text detection and optical character recognition


Make the unsearchable searchable by detecting, recognizing, and indexing texts from various types of files, including PDFs with raw images inside, scanned documents, and pictures, with Belkasoft’s built-in text detection function. Recover embedded text that may have been previously inaccessible, in 50+ languages.


Cloud data acquisition


Acquire data from popular cloud services such as iCloud, Google Suite, WhatsApp, Instagram, Office 365, Telegram, and Huawei that are even protected by two-factor authorization. Get the full story for your eDiscovery partners.


File-based export


Create a load file that contains organized, analyzed, and tagged data from various sources and share it easily with eDiscovery partners to make the review process more efficient.


On-site and remote devices


Ensure an effective data-gathering process with Belkasoft. Pre-select and collect data from targeted devices, on-site or remotely, regardless of if they are connected to the corporate network.