Product Type

Blancco Drive Verifier

How it Works

The R2v3 standard requires independent verification of drives on 5% of all processed assets.


Innovative Erasure Verification

Blancco Drive Verifier scans your drive and examines the bit patterns to confirm that the drive no longer contains any form of recoverable data.



Meet Data Erasure Requirements

IT asset disposition involves complex chains of custody and reporting requirements. When starting, changing, or auditing a disposal process, it is important to verify that your data is erased correctly.



Tamper-Proof Certification

Each verification is certified, resulting in a signed, tamper-proof report that meets the R2v3 standard requirements and proves compliance with industry and regulatory requirements for verified data erasure.


Key Benefits: What can  Blancco Drive Eraser do for your organisation?

  • Compliance – The R2v3 standard requires independent verification of drives
  • Market Leading Verification – Built by leaders in the erasure market
  • Automation – Workflows to automate every step of your verification process
  • Speed – Quick verifications enable increased efficiency in overall processing
  • Erasure at Scale – Verifies data erasure from PCs, laptops, HDDs, SSDs, and NVMes
  • Certification – Provides a digitally signed certificate of verification for a complete audit trail