Product Type

Blancco Management Portal

Blancco Management Portal


Simplifying access to Blancco products and reports while enhancing security and sustainability.


How it Works


Easily access and monitor reports, notifications, and certificates at any time with Blancco Management Portal.

Flexible Integration and Management


Organizations can integrate Blancco Management Portal within their existing systems, manage erasure & diagnostic reports, distribute licenses across global locations, and manage users from one centralized point of control with tamper-proof reports available for audit; plus, Sustainability Dashboards and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) calculators helping you to hit your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals.


Extensive Capabilities


Blancco Management Portal provides:

  • Complete cloud-hosted service for erasure & diagnostics operations
  • Full compatibility with all Blancco data eraser software
  • Easy user management and global distribution of user rights
  • Comprehensive reports include details such as device name and model, IMEI code, and storage capacity
  • Reports exportable as PDF, XML, and CSV
  • Uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to allow scaling and faster searches for reports
  • Back up incoming reports directly to the cloud for future reference
  • Full transparency of both diagnostics and erasure processes ensures a gapless audit trail
  • Multiple supported languages

Key Benefits


Erase, Report, Audit

  • Centralized Reporting

    View and manage all product related activity in one secure place

  • Erasure Control

    Control all erasure activities with 100% certified and tamper-proof reports, with a digitally-signed certificate of erasure for a complete audit trail

  • Sustainability

    ESG Calculator and Sustainability Dashboard for view of CO2 emissions saved with Blancco products

  • Flexibility

    Fast and flexible erasure deployment options

  • Information

    Knowledge base with a collection of FAQs, articles, videos, how-to guides and more

  • Compliance

    Meet local, national, or global security standards (including PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR)