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Blancco Mobile Retail

Blancco Mobile Solutions for Retailers, Carriers and Value-Added Service Providers


Streamline buy-back / trade-in, mobile insurance and fault resolution with an easy-to-use, on-device app


Our Solution


Retailers must be able to accurately assess device conditions to operate efficiently. Blancco Retail provides tailored workflows for on-the-spot assessments (in-store and remotely) and ascertains the value of devices, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing no-fault returns.[/one_half]



Returns Reduction


Allows retailer/carrier to accurately assess device condition remotely through a simple and intuitive diagnostics process, significantly reducing cost and risks associated with NTF/NFF and inaccurate triaging.


Easy to deploy with little integration needed, Blancco Retail ensures users comply with process requirements before being validated for return or repair – reducing rejections by back of house warehouses and OEMs for re-imbursement or repairs for misdiagnosed devices.

Buy-back / Trade-in


Blancco Retail reduces returns variance by accurately and objectively identifying device condition in-store or via an online app, removing human error from the device condition assessment process, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.


The software provides real-time device valuation based on functional tests, cosmetic grading, carrier, color and more, and integrates easily with existing trade-in or buy-back programs.

Mobile Insurance


Blancco Retail accurately identifies and assesses device condition, offering industry leading cracked glass and LCD screen assessment, collects key device information such as IMEI, make, model and memory, and, has the means to manage common fraudulent behaviours.


You can offer coverage at any time of the device lifecycle, even after point of sale, through an app or web browser, with remote condition assessment.

Wireless Content Transfer


Performs fast, cross-platform wireless content transfers, with no hardware or internet connection required.


Multiple, simultaneous transfers are possible, using one UI for both iOS and Android devices, streamlining the process for store agents.


Key Benefits


Key benefits across all Blancco Mobile Retail solutions

  • Libraries & Integration

    Leverage our intelligent, remote diagnostic tools as the backbone of your customer experience.

  • Complete White-Labeling & Localization

    Customize our solution through white-labeling to provide your users a frictionless brand experience.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    Our easy to use consumer app diagnoses device health in as little as three minutes. Remove human error and reduce fraudulent claims through a guided workflow process

  • Fraud Prevention & Risk Management Dashboard Methods

    Easily access device details, app install statistics, detailed test results and trade-in application progresss

  • Intelligent Remote Diagnostics

    Leverages AI, Augmented Reality and Machine-Learning patent-pending technologies to exploit the hidden value within the entire device lifecycle, including configurable and automated diagnostics tests on devices