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Blancco Solutions for Mobile Processors and ITADs

Blancco Solutions for Mobile Processors and ITADs


Experience our sophisticated and scalable mobile diagnostics & erasure solution. Improve operational efficiencies at scale for mobile carriers, mobile processors, 3PLS, recyclers and repair and refurbishment operations.


Our Solutions


When processing devices for resale, repair, or recycling, operational efficiency is crucial. Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure and Blancco Xcelerate are purpose-built to enable you to achieve operational excellence. Maximize profits, add value to your brand, and ensure your recognition as a leader in the handling of secure assets with our solution’s flexible design, comprehensive diagnostic tests, and certified audit trail.


High-Volume Erasure

Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure (BMDE) is purpose-built for mobile warehouses and resellers that process high volumes of mobile devices before they enter the second-hand market. With BMDE, you get the fastest, most effective iOS & Android erasure (with validation) on the market, as well as a full suite of easily configurable diagnostic tests to fit your organization’s needs.

Plug-and-Play Hardware

Perfectly suited to small to mid-tier mobile processors, Blancco Xcelerate eliminates the complexity of sourcing, configuring, and maintaining the hardware and software often needed to process widely varying devices.

Based on Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure, Blancco Xcelerate combines hardware and software to provide the fastest, most effective, and fully verified iOS & Android erasure on the market, as well as a full suite of easily configurable diagnostic tests—all in one easy-to-use, plug-and-play unit.

Simplified Processes

Monitor and measure operator efficiency with Blancco’s business intelligence dashboard. Establish profiles to easily process different device types for different companies, markets or objectives using specified erasure standards – tracking devices across their full lifecycle and improving quality control and assurance, to increase customer satisfaction, reduce RMAs and boost brand reputation.

Ensure Compliance

Securely erase iOS, Android and most Windows and BlackBerry devices, choosing from Data Clear (Factory Reset) or one of 13 secure erasure methods, including Aperiodic Random Overwrite and DoD 5220.22M.

Post-erasure, Blancco’s digitally-signed certificate of erasure will serve as a complete and tamper-proof audit trail.

Efficient Workflows

With Blancco Mobile Workflows, you can create simple or complex workflows for grading, diagnostics and erasure, allowing you to erase data on up to 80+ mobile devices simultaneously.

You can also perform e-Sim Erasure, identify key locks, determine device value and bypass iOS UI setup, all to increase operational efficiency and reduce processing times, so operators can route devices faster.

Smart Scale Platform

A groundbreaking innovation that redefines mobile operations with unparalleled scalability, speed, and enhanced diagnostics. Get ready to revolutionize the way you manage your devices with new heights of efficiency and performance. Smart Scale includes bandwidth scalability and market-leading diagnostics tests.



Key Benefits


Why choose Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure?

  • Faster Processing

    Bypass UI setup with full automation, identify key locks and determine device value quickly so operators can process devices faster

  • End-to-end Device Tracking

    Track devices across their full lifecycle (e.g. carriers can track actions taken by remanufacturers)

  • Blancco Mobile Workflows

    Create custom workflows that guide operators to grade, valuate and sort each device according to your policies and requirements

  • Erasure Methods

    Choose from 13 erasure methods, including Factory Reset and Aperiodic Random Overwrite

  • Security

    Securely erase iOS, Android and most Windows and BlackBerry devices

  • Certification

    Produce a certified tamper-proof audit trail, backed by Blancco’s digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure and customized reports