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Blancco Drive Eraser

How it Works

Through our certified erasure process, organizations now have a secure method to erase data on storage devices in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.


Patented SSD Erasure Solution

Guarantee your data has been erased from any type of drive in desktop/laptop computers, servers and storage environments with the most certified and patented erasure solution (Patent No. 9286231). Blancco’s secure erasure methods ensure data is written across the full logical capacity of the drive (and not just compressed).


Benefits Of Patented SSD Erasure


Solutions for All Requirements

  • Whether you’re an ITAD, data center, enterprise or other business that processes a large amount of data-bearing IT assets, there’s a solution for you. With the flexibility to address a wide range of assets, from loose drives to HDDs and SSDs, Blancco Drive Eraser is customizable to address your specific erasure needs.




Each erasure is verified and certified, resulting in a signed, tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure to prove compliance with local, national and global data protection regulations.

Our Certifications



Key Benefits: What can  Blancco Drive Eraser do for your organisation?

  • SSD Erasure – Patented solid-state drive (SSD) erasure
  • Automation – Workflows to automate every step of your erasure process
  • Certification – Provides a digitally signed certificate of erasure for a complete audit trail
  • Erasure at scale – Permanent data erasure from multiple drives simultaneously
  • Identification – RAID dismantling, pass through and false positive identification
  • Compliance – Compliant with all state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines