Product Type

Blancco Management Console

How it Works

Easily access, monitor and oversee erasures and certificates any time with our AWS-hosted Blancco Management Console, offered in both on-premise and Cloud versions.


Flexible Integration and Management

Organizations have the flexibility to integrate the Blancco Management Console with existing systems, manage remote erasures, distribute licenses across global locations and manage users from one central point of control. Different levels of access can be provided for different users, and reports can be viewed by compliance teams at any time for auditing purposes.


Extended Asset Management Integration

Blancco provides many Management Console capabilities specific to Two-Way Communication: 

  • Web service interfaces (REST API) for seamless integration with existing AMS/ERP systems 
  • Input into the erasure process with integration with asset management system 
  • Automation of process flow 
  • Reduced number of manual operator choices and inputs 
  • Information on custom fields 
  • Information on disks 
  • Ability to fetch assets from Drive Eraser or reset and shutdown Drive Eraser remotely 



Key Benefits: What can  Blancco Drive Eraser do for your organisation?

  • Centralized Reporting – Centralized data management reporting solution to store and manage data erasure reports across every IT asset
  • Flexibility – Flexible erasure deployment through on-premise or cloud
  • Reporting – Full visibility of hardware & erasure details for customized reporting
  • Erasure Control – Monitor and control ongoing data erasures, including remote erasures
  • Integration – Easily integrates with existing systems and permits easy access to workflow capabilities for automated grading
  • Certification – Provides a digitally signed certificate of erasure for a complete audit trail and compliance with all state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines