Product Type

Blancco Removable Media Eraser

How it Works

Blancco Removable Media Eraser is deliverable as a simple desktop application, or an MSI package delivered to multiple users, allowing single data erasure processes or simultaneous erasure.


Achieve Compliance

Securely erase removable media to improve data management policies and achieve regulatory compliance. Blancco Removable Media Eraser ensures all sensitive data is securely erased using ISO and NIST standards, with 100% tamper-proof reporting for a complete audit trail. Individual and consolidated erasure reports are customized to your organization’s requirements, detailing all essential data erasure information.


Prevent Data Loss

Blancco Removable Media Eraser is the fastest and most secure data erasure solution to protect your data against the threat of hackers, and to prevent data breaches to portable, removable media such as USB thumb drives, MP3 players, digital cameras and more.

Key Benefits: What can  Blancco Drive Eraser do for your organisation?

  • Scope – Permanently erase 24+ flash drives and other removable media devices, rapidly and simultaneously
  • Centralization – Cuts system downtime during file removal
  • Certification – Provides a digitally signed certificate of erasure for a complete audit trail
  • Support – Use as a complementary solution to Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure to maximize erasure processes across mobile devices with SD cards
  • Protection – Reduce risk of data loss and fraud, turning due diligence into security best practices
  • Compliance – Compliant with all state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001, ISO 27040 and EU GDPR