Case Investigator Server


ForensIQ One’s Case Investigator Server is the powerful new solution for collaborative digital investigations. Designed for organizations of all sizes, it allows multiple users to securely connect and work together in real-time, simplifying investigations and enabling new levels of collaboration.


Built on ForensIQ One’s powerful .NET framework, Case Investigator Server offers a flexible, modular design that allows for easy integration with third-party systems and the addition of new data types and functionalities without requiring extensive coding changes. This flexibility makes it easy to customize the solution to meet the specific needs of each organization.


Case Investigator Server offers a number of powerful features, including real-time collaboration, secure data sharing, and intuitive visualization tools for easy analysis of complex data sets. With Case Investigator Server, investigators can work together seamlessly, streamlining investigations and improving results.


Whether you’re a small organization or a large national agency, Case Investigator Server provides the powerful collaborative solution you need to take your digital investigations to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about Case Investigator Server and how it can benefit your organization.



At ForensIQ One, we believe that forensic evidence is best kept on local machines, where it can be more easily controlled and secured. However, we also recognize that different organizations may have different preferences and requirements when it comes to data storage. That’s why we designed Case Investigator Server to be a flexible, software-based solution that can be deployed in a variety of environments.


Unlike some cloud-based solutions that are tied to specific cloud providers like AWS or Azure, Case Investigator Server is a standalone software solution that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud of the user’s choice. This provides our customers with the flexibility to choose the storage solution that best meets their needs, whether that’s on their own local servers or in a cloud environment.


One of the most powerful features of Case Investigator Server is its ability to enable real-time collaboration between multiple users. This means that investigators can work together seamlessly, sharing information and insights as they arise, and streamlining the investigation process.


In traditional investigation workflows, team members might have to work independently, share information via email, or wait for others to complete their tasks before they can proceed. With Case Investigator Server’s real-time collaboration feature, these limitations are eliminated. Team members can work on different aspects of an investigation simultaneously, using the same data set and visualization tools, and collaborating in real-time. This enables a faster, more efficient investigation process, which can lead to better results and more successful outcomes.



Case Investigator Server’s flexible, modular design is one of its key strengths. Built on .NET framework, the solution’s modular design allows for easy integration with third-party systems and the addition of new data types and functionalities without requiring extensive coding changes. This means that organizations can easily customize the solution to meet their specific needs and requirements, allowing them to work with the tools they’re most comfortable with.


The flexibility of Case Investigator Server’s modular design is a key advantage for organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a small or a large national agency with complex requirements, Case Investigator Server can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s integrating with a data analytics platform or pulling data from additional sources, Case Investigator Server makes it easy to bring together all the relevant data in one place.  And our SDK enables users to create their own integrations and plugins.


No matter what your needs are when working with media files, Case Investigator will have you covered. The media view is put together so it is easy to understand and simple to navigate without compromising on features and functionalities.


With support for Project VIC and other image classification databases, the workload can be reduced by automatic classification of already known media files. By adding the option to blur and hide content we want to help reduce the mental wear and tear for those who work long hours with challenging and sensitive material.


We all know that geo-data exists in many ways on different devices. The camera on your smartphone stores the location where you took a picture. Chat applications can use location data as a part of their functionality, like dating or taxi apps. But also operating systems like Android and iOS rely heavily on collecting location data. Case Investigator can easily display all these types of location information on maps.


Case Investigator has full support for both online and offline maps. You can connect Case Investigator to any OpenStreetMap compatible map server.


To exchange information, people use many different ways to communicate with each other. It can be phone calls, emails, SMS, and different chat applications. In a conversation between two persons, it is not uncommon that there’s a switch between ways of communicating. It all may have started via a chat application, switched to a call, then an email is sent before ending with a few messages more in the chat application.

To understand how two persons or a group of people have communicated, it is important to present the communication in its full context. If not, the investigator may miss the bigger picture. That’s why Case Investigator shows communication between people and not single conversation threads from applications.




Allow multiple users to collaborate on investigations and automatically update data for all contexed clients without unnecessary reload of views.



By using our unique client-server api we make sure we don’t transfer unnecessary data. As a result network traffic can be reduced with up to 90% compared to a browser-based solution.



With Interest alerts users can register a continuous search constantly monitors any new data added and alerts the users of any future matches.



Keep a global repository of all people that exist based on all data added.



With our OpenStreetMap compatible offline map server users don’t need to connect to the internet to view maps.



Our Concurrent license model available for Case Investigation Server enables multiple users to access a software product simultaneously, providing a flexibility in resource allocations.