Cellebrite Crypto Solutions


Comprehensive Investigative Crypto Solutions – Modernizing Digital Investigations

Illicit Crypto Activity In 2021 Almost Doubled To $14 Billion From $7.8 Billion In 2020.


Without the right tools, even forensic crypto investigators find complex crypto-related crimes almost impossible to crack.


Investigators need to connect cryptocurrency transactions with real-world entities so they can recognize the crime, build the evidence and, ultimately, convict the criminals.


Create A Secure Trail of Evidence


Cellebrite gives your teams the power to uncover solid evidence on individuals and organizations that use cryptocurrencies to carry out money laundering, terrorism, drugs, arms, human trafficking, and other crimes – creating a secure trail of evidence to accelerate digital investigations.


Cryptocurrency has become a big part of today’s financial system. More individuals and institutions are engaging with cryptocurrencies and, as crypto adoption rises, opportunities for bad actors to abuse this new technology also increase.

As a result, the need to identify illicit cryptocurrency activity has become crucial to solving many cases. Cellebrite provides customers with automated cryptocurrency solutions that can expedite investigations and help to seamlessly uncover a wider range of digital evidence within Cellebrite’s suite of Digital Intelligence solutions.


Why Are We Enriching our DI Suite of Solutions with Crypto Capabilities?


Investigative organizations need to work with cutting-edge solutions. We have partnered with the leading blockchain industry companies to modernize digital investigations by expanding and enriching Cellebrite’s DI suite of solutions with cryptocurrency capabilities. These cryptocurrency solutions provide value to customers throughout all stages of investigations, including quick identification of crypto artifacts and automated assessment. This enables informed decisions and intelligent escalation within the investigative organization, tracking of crypto activity efficiently, and reaching key insights to help expedite investigations and accelerate justice.


The Benefits of Cellebrite’s Crypto Capabilities

  • Surface crime using cryptocurrency
  • Track the crypto flow
  • Lead to a trail of evidence
  • Result in cases being closed faster in one familiar workspace