Cellebrite Guardian

Simplify and fortify digital forensic processes for amplified impact

Cellebrite Guardian enables effective collaboration through:

  • Secure evidence management
  • Streamlined workflow management
  • Real-time evidence sharing​
  • Instant evidence

Resolve cases. Faster.

Cellebrite Guardian streamlines digital forensic processes – translating volumes of examination outputs into immediately actionable evidence, eliminating delays, complexity and risk throughout.

Compared to traditional methods1, Guardian provides you with:

  • 5.5x Faster Case Resolution
  • 2hr Time to Evidence
  • 33% More Cost Efficiency
  • 0 Evidence Lost


1 Research findings May 2023, Cellebrite in co-operation with anonymous mid-sized US agency


Use Guardian across any stage of your workflow


Cellebrite Guardian facilitates quick, simple share, review and management of evidence, streamlines workflows, and enables critical processes across examinations – securely and among all stakeholders.


Real-time sharing

Simple share of evidence to case stakeholders with full permissions management, directly from your browser.


Instant review

Load evidence in seconds to review in an unmatched, intuitive and native format.


Securely manage

Centralized, customizable investigation & evidence management, from submission to reporting, generating an unbreakable chain of custody.


No download, no installation.
*(just a browser)


Cellebrite Guardian is now more accessible

Choose from three flexible tiers that cater to the specific needs of your digital forensics unit.


Guardian Starter

A free offering that accelerates examinations simply and securely.


Starter enables lab practitioners to share UFDRs securely and in real time with investigators, prosecutors and defense attorneys, so that all case stakeholders can then simply click a link and review the evidence in their browser.


Share UFDRs, up to 200GB data capacity per Physical Analyzer license

Guardian Core

Increase efficiency at the examiner-investigator handover stage.


Core extends Starter capabilities in a vendor-agnostic solution that turns examination outputs into actionable evidence without delay.


Share all file types, up to 5TB data capacity per paid user

Guardian Pro

Elevate your digital forensic processes with Guardian Pro.


Beyond addressing the examiner-investigator handover, Guardian Pro provides crucial lab workflow and evidence management across all digital forensics processes – ensuring fully compliant, defensible and accelerated investigations.


Full lab and data management with unlimited storage capacity


Security is our Priority


Guardian is created on the foundations of Security by Design, Zero Trust principles, and with data protection at its core.


We’re so serious about security that adhering to strict regulations is just our starting point – we also comply with the most up-to-date best practices and principles to ensure that security is at the center of everything we do.


Our cloud-based solution has you covered


  • Reduced time to benefit
    No physical installation required… just log-in and get to work
  • Lower overall costs
    No large initial investment
  • Seamless availability
    Secure access from anywhere, on any device, at any time
  • Scale and integrate
    Expand with immediacy when you need to, all while integrating with your existing systems
  • Releases and upgrades
    Centralized, regular, and automatic updates reduce the burden on your physical resources
  • Reduced IT hassles
    Take away reliance on IT support and save time and costs
  • AWS Gov Ready and two-factor authentication