Everything your examination requires. All in one solution.

Everything your examination requires. All in one solution.


Inseyets is the definitive digital forensics solution that includes all of our industry leading capabilities for access, extraction, decoding, review, management, automation and triage.


Access. Extract. Reveal.


Inseyets is a purpose-built, all-inclusive digital forensics solution powered by the advanced extraction of Premium combined with the next-generation of UFED. Also included are the capabilities of PA (including Reader), Cloud and Commander as well as our new lab automation application, Cellebrite Autonomy. You can expect:


  • Unparalleled access to the latest Android and iOS devices
  • Full file system extractions, including encrypted content
  • Analysis of vast amounts of data with unmatched speed
  • FFS extraction and unlock capabilities can be extended to every single UFED – exponentially enhancing the ability of personnel to advance cases
  • Enhanced examination workflow revealing a comprehensive case picture, allowing Examiners and Investigators to accelerate justice by closing cases 2X faster


New Capabilities Included in Cellebrite Inseyets


Advanced Extraction is only the beginning

Scale-up investigations and run multiple automated processes quickly and accurately all at once.



Quickly and easily process the latest iOS and Android devices from extraction to UFDR in just a few clicks.

Quick View

Get a glimpse into devices before processing them, and quickly identify their relevance.


Leverage customizable search criteria to quickly flag relevant devices and significantly improve device prioritization.


Solutions to Your Agency’s Biggest Challenges


The Hands-On Challenge


For many Examiners, manual human intervention is needed at every step in the digital forensics workflow – from gaining device access, to extracting and decoding relevant data, to creating meaningful reports.


  • Reduce your backlog and free up bandwidth to tackle more cases
  • Prioritize the most critical work and drive better closure rates
  • Get evidence to investigators faster (especially critical when you have limited time to hold a suspect)


The Collection Challenge


Because every crime has a digital component, Digital Forensic Labs have to sift through an increasingly large volume of devices, apps and ever-increasing data, making potential evidence harder to access.


  • Reduce your bandwidth constraints – and the risk of missing relevant data
  • Build stronger cases with more complete evidence – including the full file system
  • Leverage containerized applications, encrypted information including geolocation and social data


The Efficiency Challenge


Digital Forensic Lab Teams need tools that analyze data and help solve crimes, yet so much of their time is spent on the drudge work of accessing, extracting, decoding and reporting.


  • Increase personnel effectiveness and satisfaction with their work
  • Drive more productivity and efficiency across the agency and solve more cases
  • Help your team manage their workload – in the face of rapidly evolving technology and crime trends


The Cellebrite Inseyets Difference


  • Access up to 5X* more devices over UFED
    Unparalleled access capabilities for the widest range of iOS and Android devices.
  • Extract 60%* more data over UFED
    Unequaled Full File Systems data extractions, including containerized applications and encrypted files.
  • Reveal the complete picture 2X* faster over UFED
    Enhanced user experience and simple automated workflows.


*Based on opt-in diagnostic data from users.