Cellebrite Inspector

Cellebrite Inspector

The Premier Computer Data Analysis Solution for Windows and Mac


All the functionality you need to conduct in-depth analysis and generate custom reports to reveal the truth.


Shed Light on Key Data to Surface Leads Quickly


With advanced searching and filtering capabilities, and built-in AI media categorization, investigators easily find Internet History, Downloads, Locations, Recent searches, and more.


  • Custom bitlocker support
  • Veracrypt full disk encryption support
  • Portable case review
  • AI media categorization
  • Optical character recognition
  • Smart searching and filtering

Built-in Windows Support


Obtain user activity from Windows memory, and get registry artifacts including jump list, Windows 10 timeline activity, shellbags, SRUM, and more. Review device history from Windows Volume Shadow Copies (EXCLUSIVE TO CELLEBRITE).


Built-in Mac Support


Full support for the latest systems including T2 chip, Fusion, and encrypted devices.


Review history in APFS Snapshots and Time Machine backups, display and search Spotlight metadata and KnowledgeC data, review network connections, recent documents, user activity, and more.


Streamlined Workflow With the Tools of Your Trade


Ingest data into Cellebrite Pathfinder, Berla, APOLLO and, ICAC tools such as Project Vic and PhotoDNA.

Portable Case Review


Share your case findings with other stakeholders using customized reporting capabilities.


High-Performance Forensic Workstation to Optimize Any Digital Investigation


The most complete workstation designed to handle the most rigorous datasets for digital intelligence and eDiscovery work.