Find the Path to Insight Through the Mountains of Data

With the ever-growing variety of digital devices and cloud sources, investigators need solutions to analyze digital evidence in short time frames. Cellebrite Pathfinder automates the analysis of digital data and builds visual narratives to resolve investigations faster.

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Cellebrite Pathfinder

How Cellebrite Pathfinder Helps You

Investigators, analysts, and prosecutors alike use Cellebrite Pathfinder, a comprehensive, and scalable solution, to automatically surface formative leads, and discover connections that might be missed by the human eye in the critical hours of an investigation.

Visualize the journey of suspects and victims:

Automatically generate visual case reports and target packages for key stakeholders

Centralize your investigations:

Collaborate as a team with an integrated solution available to everyone in the organization.

Designed for scale:

Infrastructure designed to scale infinitely, along with extended add-on capabilities.

Integrate with your existing ecosystem:

Open architecture integration with third-party software and data lakes using a comprehensive set of APIs.

Built-in business continuity:

Secure your operations with capabilities for high availability, backup, and recovery.

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