Amplify findings and share information across departments

Collaboration across departments is key to building a strong case. Lab teams need to share their findings easily and clearly to advance investigations – and investigators, prosecutors need to review and interpret insights in ways they can defend and act on.

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Cellebrite Reader

  • Share findings with team

    Empower the entire investigative team to conduct advanced searches, selectively view data and share findings within dynamic reports.

  • Generate customized reports

    Select specific data to include in the reports and choose from multiple formats to present the data.

  • Capture all insights

    Minimize the possibility of losing data as you share information in a single and comprehensive report.

Intuitive, Simple and Easy to Use

  • Ready to Use and Implement

    There’s no installation or license required and it can seamlessly integrate with other Cellebrite extraction, decoding, and analytics products.

  • Review evidence thoroughly

    Use advanced search, filtering, timeline, entity bookmarks and project saving features to find key details and capture review progress.