Cellebrite Smart Search

Everything Leaves a Digital Trace.
Leverage it with Cellebrite Smart Search


With Cellebrite Smart Search, any investigator can perform quick and automated open-source searches on a desired identifier, collecting the most relevant information from publicly available data in an investigation – then generate a shareable intelligence report for stakeholders within minutes.

Single-Click Intelligence for Investigators


The digital world is an extension of the physical crime scene and therefore leveraging the online presence of subjects of interest is critical – to both support an investigation and create momentum when leads go cold. However, gathering data manually from publicly available information is time-consuming and complicated, and surfacing actionable insights from this data can be equally challenging.


Open-Source Information
Supports all Investigations


It can be challenging for investigators to integrate open-source searches into the investigative workflow. Investigators need a simple and intuitive way to solve these challenges through every stage of every investigation.


Cellebrite Smart Search is purpose-built to fit seamlessly into your investigative workflow, enabling law enforcement to embed OSINT research into their investigations simply and quickly.

Hours or Days of Manual Work Reduced to Minutes


What you can expect from Cellebrite Smart Search:


  • Real-time data collection in a single click
  • Expedited time to actionable insights
  • Increased quality of leads
  • Easy to use, web-based interface

Security and Transparency at the Core


By using Cellebrite Smart Search to gather information from publicly available data, you’ll have: 


  • Full data privacy
  • Complete tenant isolation
  • Full transparency
  • Non-traceable, non-invasive collection of online data