The industry standard for accessing digital data

Access and extract data from the widest range of digital devices.

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Cellebrite UFED

Don’t let complicated locks, encryption barriers, deleted and unknown content prevent critical evidence from coming to light.

Unlock devices with ease

Bypass pattern, password or PIN locks and overcome encryption challenges quickly on popular Android and iOS devices

Gain access to the broadest range of devices

Extract data from mobile phones, drones, SIM Cards, SD cards, GPS devices and more

Delve deep to extract more data

Perform logical, full file system and physical extractions to get the most data out of the digital devices

Use unsurpassed recovery methods

Exclusive bootloaders, automatic EDL capability, Smart ADB and more

Enhance your extraction flow

Use selective extraction to retrieve cloud tokens and select app data

Access to 40+ apps on Android devices

Retrieve file system data from applications with exclusive APK downgrade method

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