Product Type

Comprehensive Interview

Uncover the True Scope of Legal Matters


Create and send online interviews to custodians to promote legal hold compliance and uncover information relating to legal matters, such as the location of stored data and additional custodians who may need to be on legal hold.


Promote compliance, uncover information, and drive legal matters forward.


Build customized interview templates that make sense for your organization and your custodians.


Automatic logging


Activity logs automatically track actions taken by custodians during the course of an interview, promoting transparency and defensibility.


Interview Dashboard


Easily manage all interviews from one place, saving time and providing clear lines of sight into interview activity.


Custodian Interview Portal


Assist custodians in understanding their hold and interview obligations with clear, tracked communications.


Prevent data spoliation by sending custodian interviews immediately upon issuing a legal hold.


Interview templates make sending and managing custodian questionnaires a quick and repeatable process, so you can send out interviews immediately and reduce the risk of inadvertent spoliation.


Boost your organization’s defensibility with automatic audit logging, tracking, and reporting.


Have legal hold compliance information at your fingertips. No more scrambling to figure out if a custodian responded to his or her questionnaire, and no more need to spend hours compiling answers to interview questions.


Save time by managing all interviews in one place: the Interview Dashboard.


Automatically send custodian interview reminders, re-issue questionnaires, and escalate requests for interviews if needed, all from the Interview Dashboard.