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Consent Management

Streamlined Universal Consent Management for Global Compliance


Exterro Consent Management offers a comprehensive solution for managing consumer consent and preferences across all channels, simplifying the process of compliance with global privacy regulations for organizations and streamlining their customers’ experience.


Universal Consent Management across All Digital Interactions


Meet the challenges of managing consumer consent and preferences in compliance with evolving global privacy regulations head-on. Exterro Consent Management offers a robust framework for handling consent across all digital experiences facilitates compliance with laws like COPPA, GDPR, CCPA, and others, while maintaining a seamless user experience.


Easy Administration across Platforms


Simplify the process of managing consent and preference across multiple channels and applications with a centralized, intuitive user interface.


Customer-Friendly Privacy Management Portal


Consumers manage preferences through a branded consumer portal that guides them in a friendly and understandable manner, enhancing trust and compliance.


Advanced Cookie Consent Management


Streamlines cookie compliance and establish a robust, defensible process with customizable cookie banners, a cookie audit tool, multi-lingual support, and a detailed consent log, enabling your website to effectively comply with global privacy regulations.


Respect your customers’ wishes across every channel.


Synchronize consent, preference, and opt in or out information across all channels and applications. Consistently respect user choices, no matter what channel they use or journey they are on.


Comply with consumer notifications from the Global Privacy Control.


Effortlessly respect and respond to customers’ GPC privacy preferences, streamlining the compliance process and reinforcing customer trust by honoring their privacy choices consistently across all digital channels.


Unpack the data behind consumer interactions with Advanced Data Privacy Officer insights and controls.


A complete analytics dashboard gives deep insight into activities, patterns, and trends in user interactions with your organization’s consent and preference management options.  Enhanced visibility lets DPOs proactively manage and respond to user opt-outs and revocations, ensuring informed decision-making and timely actions.