Product Type

Cybersecurity Compliance Suite

Be prepared for the inevitable.


Despite your best efforts and intentions, the statistics suggest it’s only a matter of time before your organization will have to respond to a security breach. With Exterro, you’ll be prepared to do so quickly, confidently, and in compliance with all regulations.


Exterro Cybersecurity Compliance Products


Ensure that you’re able to respond quickly, effectively, and defensibly to cybersecurity incidents or data breaches with Exterro technology.


Smart Breach Review


Accurately identify personal information and data subjects in compromised data, so you can respond thoroughly and in compliance with all requirements.


FTK Enterprise


Gain deep visibility into endpoint data to investigate cybersecurity incidents, data breaches, or employee wrongdoing.


FTK Connect


FTK Connect easily automates the power and speed of Exterro FTK solutions to eliminate wasted time while performing forensic investigations and incident response workflows.


Exterro Has You Covered


AI Enabled


Exterro’s market-leading, innovative AI capabilities ensure you can respond quickly, confidently, and in compliance with legal requirements.


Seamless Integrations


Integrations with SIEM and SOAR solutions and potentially compromised IT infrastructure gives you the ability to quickly respond to incidents when and where they happen.


Deep Insight


Gain visibility into endpoint data or the impact and scope of potentially compromised data quickly and easily.


Hardened Security


FedRAMP, SOC-II, TISAX and other security certifications demonstrate our commitment to security, helping limit the damage bad actors can inflict.