Product Type

Data Discovery

Comprehensive Data Discovery across the Data Lifecycle


Gain unparalleled visibility into your data with automated inventory and classification of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, enhancing control and facilitating compliance over its entire lifecycle.


Effectively govern your data with AI-powered data discovery and classification.


Understanding and controlling sensitive data is pivotal to minimizing data risk. Gain visibility into where data is located, who accesses it, and classify and tag it according to data format, sensitivity, and relevant regulations using Exterro’s responsible AI. Identify at-risk data, enforce security controls, and monitor changes over time with advanced analytics.


Data Discovery for Your Entire Data Landscape


Discover personal and sensitive data across the organizational environment by scanning and classifying structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data sources with hundreds of out-of-the-box connections to Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Snowflake, ServiceNow, and more


Unparalleled Data Discovery and Classification


Proprietary sampling technology examines both metadata and underlying content, delivering unmatched classification accuracy across data sources, resulting in an exceptionally precise inventory.


Identify Data Ready for Defensible Deletion


Use visibility into last accessed and last used dates for data records to identify obsolete data for defensible deletion and compliance with the data minimization principle. Reduce storage costs, cyberinsurance premiums, and risks associated with over-retention.


Automate and enforce data policies to minimize data risk.


Exterro Data Discovery seamlessly enforces your organization’s data policies. It detects and corrects various policy breaches out of the box, such as cross-border data transfers and outdated data retention, and allows you to craft and apply custom policies. With options for automated controls like encryption and access management, gain thorough control over data and mitigate its risks


Ensure compliance across complex enterprise infrastructure with our comprehensive integrations and connectors.


Exterro Data Discovery, integrated with Exterro’s suite of privacy and data governance products, simplifies and streamlines crucial compliance processes like data retention, risk assessments, record of processing activities, data mapping, data subject rights requests, and consent management.

Securely understand your data landscape in hours, not days.


Intuitive, easy to use, and quick to set up, Exterro Data Discovery scans petabytes of data and delivers fast, efficient scans, providing results in mere hours. Plus, its proprietary sensor technology scans data within your operational environment without extracting it, ensuring robust data protection by keeping your data securely in place.