Product Type

Data Retention

Manage Records and Minimize Data Risk Effectively and Efficiently


Take a defensible approach to records management, identify records eligible for deletion, and effectively minimize data risk with Exterro Data Retention’s comprehensive library covering hundreds of data record types and global regulatory jurisdictions.

Streamline global retention schedules and minimize data risk with Exterro’s comprehensive solution.


Backed by decades of privacy and data governance expertise, Exterro Data Retention enables organizations to manage records efficiently and defensibly, identify records ready for defensible deletion, ensure compliance with complex global requirements, and minimize data risk.


Broad Records Coverage


Over 750 out-of-the-box records cover key business functions and data sources, allowing customers to manage both electronic and physical records in a unified platform.


Defensible Process and Audit Trail


Demonstrate a robust defense and showcase transparency in potential regulatory investigations with a comprehensive audit trail featuring detailed records of actions and stakeholder conversations.


Harmonized Retention Requirements


Easily harmonize conflicting retention requirements for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring seamless compliance and efficient records management across various legal landscapes.


Comply with the most current and complex requirements with Exterro’s extensive library of regulations.


Navigate the intricacies of various international and industry-specific records compliance requirements easily and efficiently. Exterro Data Retention provides an unparalleled collection of retention regulations, encompassing over 300 jurisdictions and nearly 300,000 citations globally, mapped to over 900 records out of the box.


Identify records ready for defensible deletion.


Minimize the risk of data breaches, maintain a secure data environment, and significantly reduce cyber insurance premiums and storage costs by systematically identifying outdated or unnecessary records.


Streamline teamwork across the organization and with external partners using built-in collaboration tools.


Coordinate seamlessly with multiple stakeholders including internal teams and external counsel with advanced collaboration features. Role-based access ensure that team members only see information necessary to their role, enhancing efficiency and maintaining data security.


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