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Data Source Discovery

Maintain an Accurate Data Source Catalog without Relying on IT


Exterro’s Data Source Discovery automatically refreshes and updates your data source catalogs, so legal teams can have access to all of the places relevant data exists.


Data Source Discovery


Whenever data is saved in a new application, Data Source Discovery automatically detects it, makes it available for e-discovery purposes, and links it to the employees using it–without involving IT. With a full picture of the current data landscape, legal teams can accurately scope litigation and compliance matters and prevent responsive data from being missed.


Designed for Legal Professionals


An intuitive setup process puts the power of Exterro Data Source Directory in legal team members’ hands. Refresh and update your data source catalog automatically, without IT.


Accurate and Fast Scoping


Easily and quickly make scoping decisions for litigation, internal investigations, data subject access requests and more.


Distributed Architecture Support


Exterro Data Source Discovery supports your unique IT infrastructure, including cloud data sources, even if it includes distributed architectures segregated by region.


Deliver greater efficiency across e-discovery and data risk management processes.


Exterro Data Source Discovery connects with the other applications in the Exterro e-discovery and data risk management platform, fueling greater efficiencies with Legal Hold, In-Place Preservation, and E-Discovery Data Management and other workflows.


Wherever your data is, we’ve got it covered.


Data Source Directory integrates with more than 50 common data applications and counting–the most of any legal software on the market–including commonly used communication tools like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Oracle, and Salesforce. And if we don’t, we’re probably building a connector already.


Instantly improve custodian compliance with automated legal hold reminders and escalation notices.


With Exterro’s Legal Hold, you can customize automatic hold reminders to be sent to custodians, allowing them to accept their legal holds in one click. Still struggling to get custodians to respond? Send automatic escalation emails to their manager to encourage compliance.