Product Type

Data Subject Access Request

Easily Manage the Entire Data Subject Rights Request Process


Streamline the entire data subject rights request process, including verifying identities, discovering data, redacting or deleting data, and generating defensible reports ready for external sharing.



Efficiently fulfill every data subject rights request, whether from a customer or an employee, for access or deletion.


Eliminate errors and save time by implementing a defensible data subject rights request process. Confidenty respond to any request, from any data subject, meeting your regulatory compliance and legal obligations.


Data Discovery across Your Organization


Eliminate manual work and instantly find a data subject’s data across all your systems, whether in the cloud or on-premises, for both structured and unstructured data.


Automatically Redact Sensitive and Confidential Data


Quickly and securely find and redact sensitive and confidential information in your rights request responses, ensuring only the right information is shared.


Comprehensive Data Subject Rights Management


Efficiently manage all data subject rights requests—including access, correction, portability, and deletion. Oversee the entire process from receiving requests and verifying identities to creating shareable reports.



Ingest requests through a dynamic portal with automated identity verification.


Exterro’s DSAR management solution streamlines the request submission experience for data subjects, whether customers or employees. It features customizable workflows and strong security for confidential two-way communication. The portal supports various identity verification methods and efficiently displays request status, reducing extra support interactions.


Have confidence relying on the most defensible data subject rights request solution on the market.


Exterro’s robust, defensible data subject rights request process includes an audit trail that tracks every step of the process—including internal and external response times—and customizable response templates aligned with legal and regulatory retention requirements. The solution adjusts response deadlines based on the jurisdiction of the data subject, enabling each request to be handled within the appropriate legal timeframe.


Simplify workflows and increase efficiency with effortless process orchestration.


Exterro’s DSAR Management provides configurable workflows to simplify the data subject rights request process for complex organizations with complex data landscapes. It expertly automates critical tasks like search, collection, redaction, and review, while also offering real-time status updates and visibility into key issues, like request escalations or delays.