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DeepSpar Disk Imager™ 4

DeepSpar Disk Imager™ 4


All a disk imager needs to do is copy data? FALSE!


Every other disk imager on the market is made for data reproduction – copy data from one happy drive to another. Great, but . . .


News bulletin: Trouble-free disk drives are not your stock-in-trade!


When you use traditional disk imaging tools and methods designed to deal with intact hard drives, not unstable ones with bad sectors, then the system freezes, drives stop responding, disks degrade or fail under intensive reading, valuable files remain corrupted . . .


The Right Way: A PDR Certified™ disk imaging device that is up to the demands of professional data recovery must deliver some very specific functionality.


A PDR Certified™ data recovery imaging equipment must: DeepSpar Disk Imager measures up: A standard disk imaging tool doesn’t cut it:
Support of SATA native functions for drive diagnostics and imaging, such as PHY Control. Yes No
Process every head differently, depending on the level of degradation. Yes No
Use customizable algorithms and different workflows for different hardware and media issues. Yes No
Allow imaging data for selected types of files and directories. Yes No
PLUS: Provide visual interactive feedback to data recovery technician and the PDR Workflow™. Yes No