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Deepspar Operations Server

Introducing Deepspar Operations Server: The Missing Processes

DeepSpar Operations Server is a virtual communication management system that professionalizes your business and the interactions with your clients, using best practice business processes from our 15 years of industry experience.

With DeepSpar Operations Server, you can:

  • Implement professional business processes, workflows, and documents out of the box
  • Use the business processes as is – or modify them to suit your business and integrate them with your existing business processes
  • Instantly create branded notifications, e-mails, templates, and online user forms
  • Impress your customers with professional customer communication and case management

DeepSpar Operations Server solves these four critical challenges that have top-line and bottom-line impact in your business

No data. No revenue: Who decides that there is no recovered data in your business today? The client does. And most of the time it is difficult to know exactly which files need to be recovered and their recoverability status. As a result, there are lots of misunderstandings and some disappointments – the client doesn’t pay and you are on the hook for work without revenue.
Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server – Let the System and the client verify the files that need to be recovered and their probability of integrity throughout the recovery process.
Result: You have fewer sunk costs and more realized revenue.


Lost jobs: Quoting too high loses jobs and quoting too low hurts profitability. To quote appropriately, you need to be sure of certain information such as particular files to recover and their status. With limited information, quoting is like gambling.
Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server – Quote accurately because you can see the files and their recoverability using the DeepSpar “probability of integrity” indicators.
Result: Maximize your revenue.


Mismanaged cases: Less than a professional customer and case management lead to customer dissatisfaction and possible liabilities and claims. It could be something as simple as a mistake made while re-entering the shipping address, or recovering the wrong files.
Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server – A structured, best-practice data recovery business process with documents, templates, e-mails, automated workflow, and notifications that manages each case and removes the possibility of mistakes.
Result: You have happy customers who have experienced a professional process with no unexpected situations and timely delivery.


Wasted time: Too much time spent on tasks that don’t generate revenue – communicating with the client, creating documents, copying data, closing the loop with internal staff – puts your business at risk. And doing a task twice is nothing but a waste of time. For example, the customer provides a shipping address and someone in your office needs to rekey it to create the shipping label. Or, you forgot to ask if the warrant seals on the media can be broken if necessary and you have to contact the customer again. Not with DeepSpar Operations Server – the system knows what important information is required and prompts the customer with the right questions. The customer inputs the required information directly into your system!
Solution: DeepSpar Operations Server – A virtual team member that automates and performs important operations procedures.
Result: Your data recovery company is professional. You will feel like you have an extra employee on your staff!

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