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DeepSpar PC-3000 Data Extractor

Comprehensive data retrieval software

PC-3000 Data Extractor is a software add-on to PC-3000 that diagnoses and fixes file system issues, so you can get to your client’s data. It works in tandem with PC-3000 hardware to recover data from any media (IDE HDD, SCSI HDD, and flash memory readers).

File system corrupted? When the file system is corrupted, the operating system can’t see a thing-partitions, directories, and files all seem to disappear. The drive looks like it has no data. This corruption in the data structure can be caused by multiple bad sectors, damaged surfaces, malfunctioning magnetic head assemblies (MHA), or corrupted servo labels.

PC-3000 Data Extractor performs logical file recovery using algorithms to correct file system structure problems or even retrieve data by doing a sector-by-sector search for header files independent of the operating system.

Save time by using PC-3000 Data Extractor to selectively target the data that your client values the most.

Download a data sheet on PC-3000 Drive Restoration System, including PC-3000 Data Extractor..
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Highlights of PC-3000 Data Extractor

  • Retrieve user data from drives with damaged logical structures using PC-3000 Data Extractor.
  • PC-3000 Data Extractor allows you to analyze the logical structure of a damaged drive and, depending on the severity of damage, select specific files the user wants to recover.
  • If the drive’s translator module is damaged, PC-3000 Data Extractor can create a virtual translator to create a map of offsets and copy the necessary data.
  • Convenient viewing modes for analyzing, searching, and the ability to edit data from within the software considerably decrease the time required for data retrieval.