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DeepSpar PC-3000 Flash

PC-3000 Flash is a standalone hardware and software suite for recovering data from flash based storage devices like SD cards and USB sticks.

As you probably know, flash based storage is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. To this date, data recovery technology was not able to keep up, with most data recovery and forensics companies using trial and error to attempt recoveries of such devices. This is no longer the case with PC-3000 Flash.

This revolutionary solution is the product of years of development by the experts of ACE Laboratory Russia. It is capable of interfacing with NAND chips directly and reading the data, so you do not have to go through the complicated (and often impossible) process of repairing the controller board of the device.

Recover previously inaccessible flash devices today with PC-3000 Flash!

Highlights of PC-3000 Flash

  • Three recovery ‘steps’. First is to physically remove the NAND chip(s) from its controller, second is to read the raw data off the chip(s), and third is to decode the data into a logical image.
  • Complete support for input of your own NAND chip reading parameters in case the software suit does not currently support the chip(s) you are recovering.
  • Connects by USB to any desktop or laptop PC running Windows XP/Vista/7/8 x86/x64. Small and portable.
  • Contains built in safety features to prevent electrical damage from incorrect chip insertion or previous physical damage to the NAND chip.
  • 20-30x faster at reading NAND chips than other chip readers.
  • The PC-3000 Flash Kit includes PC Flash Reader, LGA/TLGA-52 adapter (14×18), BGA-152 adapter, Circuit Board adapter, Connectors Set, USB 2.0 Defender Cable, PC-3000 Flash Software, and PDF User Manual.