Detego® Analyse AI+

We are proud to introduce Detego Analyse AI+ – the latest release that takes our award-winning AI analytics and workflow automation to new heights.


Building upon the industry-leading features of Detego Analyse, including advanced AI-powered object detection, multi-language OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and offline document translation of over 230 languages to English, Detego Analyse AI+ brings investigators a host of innovative tools.


Discover the power of AI-powered semantic search, similar image identification, lightning-fast AI audio and video transcription, and quick translation of audio and video evidence. With Detego Analyse AI+, you can eliminate bottlenecks, streamline your investigations and close cases faster than ever before!


  • Fast-track the discovery of evidence by leveraging advanced analytical workflows and swift text and keyword matching
  • Leverage AI-powered face recognition to sift through vast amounts of images and video to identify suspects, witnesses and other persons of interest in seconds (Analyse AI+ detects more than ten faces per second, 2x faster than the industry average)
  • Utilise AI-powered semantic search to minimise manual data sifting and rapidly identify broader concepts and contexts such as “distressed children”, “men wearing masks holding weapons in London at night”, “screenshots of customer account details”, etc.
  • Use AI-powered object detection to swiftly identify people, weapons, drugs, nudity, indecent images and more
  • Harness powerful image search capabilities to match specific locations, signs, movements, objects, patterns and designs using reference images or the “show similar” feature
  • Extract text that’s critical to your investigations from images and videos using Analyse AI+’s multi-language Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature
  • Translate and transcribe audio and video content in 50+ languages to English at speeds exceeding 1,000 words per minute
  • Run offline document translation to easily translate documents from over 230 languages to English
  • Use the Photo DNA matcher to pinpoint modified or altered images or to quickly identify images with Photo DNA and hash values relevant to investigations
  • Decrypt passwords and access over 300 encrypted file types, including Word documents, locked zip files, phone backups and more
  • Easily uncover hidden files using advanced steganography detection


Trusted by investigators in the military, law enforcement and corporate sectors, Detego Analyse AI+ helps combat serious crimes, including fraud, terrorism, child abuse and human trafficking. Our solutions deliver accurate results even when deployed in challenging conditions.