Detego® Kiosk

Detego Kiosks equip ­first responders with an easy-to-use, all-in-one digital forensics tool that requires minimal training. These Kiosks enable teams to rapidly acquire, analyse and report on criminal data from 1,000s of digital devices ranging from computers and loose media to mobile phones and smart devices.


A key resource for first responders and frontline agents, Detego Kiosks help investigators to quickly charge and convict criminals while ensuring forensically sound processes are followed every step of the way.


Whether at a police station, airport or other remote location, Detego Kiosks enable snap decision-making and minimise the strain on specialist units and digital forensics labs.



What’s Included




Detego’s Unified Digital Forensics Platform is an all-in-one suite that delivers rapid extraction, analysis and reporting capabilities on data that’s critical to investigations. This acclaimed platform not only enables the extraction and analysis of data from 1,000s of digital devices including computers, phones, loose media, drones and smart devices, it also brings automated workflows and advanced AI-driven analytical tools to help fast-track investigations.


  • Ballistic Imager
  • Field Triage
  • Media Acquisition
  • MD
  • Fusion
  • Analyse AI+



Detego’s Kiosks are equipped with high-specification hardware, compatible with the full Unified Forensics platform,  helping you empower investigators, anywhere.


  • Portable workstation
  • Hyper X Data Collectors for Field Triage and Ballistic Imager
  • All the necessary cables and accessories