Detego® Kiosk

Detego Kiosk

Detego® Kiosk brings the power of the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform, a true end-to-end investigation suite for the acquisition, analysis and reporting of any digital assets in the convenience of a kiosk unit to rapidly process digital exhibits as they come in.


The Detego® Kiosk equips ­first responders with a simple-to-use, all-in-one digital forensics resource that requires minimal training. The Detego® Kiosk acquires, analyses and reports on criminal data, allowing them to aggregate and consolidate digital case and exhibit data from a full spectrum of digital devices.


First responders are provided with a key capability for modern-day investigations in order to charge and convict quickly while maintaining forensically sound processes. Whether at a police station, airport or other remote locations, the Detego® Kiosk platform minimises acquisition time during investigations and delivers key case and exhibit information, organised within a repository. The automated functions also provide law enforcement agencies with the quick delivery of actionable results and instant recovery of critical and relevant data.