Detego® Media Acquisition

Detego Media Acquisition

Rapid automated media acquisition for removable media


Detego® Media Acquisition is a simple to use automated forensic imaging solution for acquiring and viewing data from removable media, computers or hard drives (HDD & SSDs) and mobile devices.


Easy-to-use intuitive interface allows you to acquire and analyse multiple devices in rapid time and view the data extracted in ‘real time’ so that you can make on the spot decisions.


  • Forensically image and analyse multiple removable devices simultaneously.
  • Use advanced inspection options to view a target’s file tree before extraction.
  • Acquire data from hard drives removed from damaged systems.
  • Provides alerts of suspicious items through a patent pending red, amber and green status.
  • View logical data as it’s streamed ‘live’ into the platform.
  • Automated analysis based on predefined criteria.
  • Use powerful carving options to recover deleted data.