Detego® Rapid Deployment Pack

Detego Rapid Deployment Pack


Designed initially for crime units, police forces and intelligence agencies the Detego® Rapid Deployment Pack, which includes both hardware and software, has evolved through extensive development hand-in-hand with the people using it in the field. The Detego® Rapid Deployment Pack has now become the standard tool of choice for multiple operational groups globally.


In the changing world of police and intelligence agency operations towards countering terrorism and serious organised criminality, the exploitation of digital data is universally recognized as a critical advantage against enemy operatives and forces. The ability for operational groups to exploit this area is critical for operational effectiveness – gathering intelligence in an instant so that both strategic and ‘on the ground’ decisions can be made, based on accurate and real-time information.




The Detego® Unified Forensics Platform: ‘all-in one’ digital forensic suite of tools that allow you to acquire, analyse and act on data from all types of digital devices.


  • Detego® Analyse

  • Detego® Field

  • Detego® Ballistic Imager

  • Detego® Media Acquisition

  • Detego® Boot Environment

  • Detego® Covert

  • Detego® Fusion




The Detego® Rapid Deployment Pack contains top end hardware that is typically used and compatible with the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform to provide rapid acquisition for officers ‘on the ground’. The following Hardware is currently being used alongside the Detego® software:


  • Carry pack with detachable work groundsheet

  • Hyper X Data Collectors for Detego® Field and Detego®
    Ballistic Imager

  • Miscellaneous cables and accessories

  • Write-blocker(s)*

  • Laptop/Tablet*


*Write-blocker and laptop/tablet sold seperately.