Cellebrite Digital Collector

Cellebrite Digital Collector

Access & Analyze the Most Computer Data to Accelerate Investigations


Enhance both your Windows and Mac forensics needs to add support and dig deeper into your investigations – uncovering hidden data, and finding evidence to create an end-to-end picture.


Learn how the leading Windows and Mac computer access and analysis tools can enhance your agency’s or organization’s needs.


Cellebrite Digital Collector


Digital Collector

Compatible Platforms

A powerful forensic imaging software solution to perform triage, live data acquisition and targeted data collection, for Windows and Mac computers.


  • Boot into a protected environment for triage or imaging on systems that are powered off
  • Run Digital Collector live to triage and complete targeted collections on systems that are powered on and accessible
  • Whether live or booted, browse the computer under review, filtering for file metadata or keywords, and review content
  • Choose to collect preconfigured categories or user-selected files from triage
  • Collect a complete image of the system including deleted and unallocated areas of drives into industry standard formats