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Digital Forensics & Open-Source Investigations

Digital Forensics & Open-Source Investigations

Electronic Notebooks
Complex Investigations Require Simple Intuitive Solutions



Investigators need the ability to document complex investigations and not worry about losing or misplacing critical notes and documents essential for full disclosure.

Organize Critical and Complex Investigations
with Forensic Notes

Forensic Notes

Forensic Notes stores all notes, images, and attachments in a timestamped read-only format to protect the integrity and admissibility of evidence.

Forensic Notes simplifies and reduces human error in complex investigations by centralizing and organizing every note created in an investigation. This ensures vital notes are never lost, misplaced, or forgotten – but always available to those who need them during the investigation, disclosure, and on the stand.

How do you keep notes?

Easily Prepare Notes and Reports for Court

You can download a Forensic Notebook at any time, significantly reducing the time needed to prepare for court.

The Forensic Notebook will contain all your notes related to the case, timestamped and Court-Ready.

  • Example: Digital Forensic Report
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  • Full package:
    Forensic Notebook(PDF)
    Digital Timestamp for Notebook
    All Individual Forensic Notes with associated Timestamps
    Original High Quality Embedded Images (if images are included in notes)
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