Case building & evidence management made easy

Discovry™ puts an end to disordered investigations with powerful features that lets you quickly and effectively build structured cases and export the findings.


Used globally by investigative organizations

Made for organizations dealing with sensitive data that require strict evidence documentation processes. Delivered on premise, with separate case containers and password protected case exports.


Multi-purpose and easy-to-use


Document information from multiple sources in the same workspace. Easily access and gather the data from:


  • Clearnet
  • Darknet
  • Local data
  • 3rd party sources


Discovry core features



Build profiles and cases

Build profiles for all entities of interest in your investigation. Clarify connections and add websites, media, documents and textual information relating to the entity by simply dragging and dropping it onto profile cards.



Lock down evidence

Keeping data integrity intact is critical for upholding the chain of custody. Discovry tracks everything—ensuring the full case history is preserved. Confidently build cases that hold up in court.



Professional reports at the click of a button

A well-designed report is automatically generated while the case is being built, making it easy to keep stakeholders in the loop about case updates and progress. Easily export cases as PDF or html files at any time during the investigation. Just press a button.


Featured user benefits


  • Easy to get started
    Quick and easy installation. Get up in running in a matter of minutes
  • Always sharable results
    Keep colleagues or stakeholder in the loop with case exports and well structured reports
  • Ensure chain of custody
    Automatic audit trail and evidence collection including: hash values, source and time date stamps
  • Find clues
    Smart features help you and your team quickly search for and cross reference both visual and textual clues
  • Integrated browser
    Swiftly alternate between clearnet and darknet —without losing access to essential Discovry functions
  • Keep control of your data
    All your data is stored locally and cases are kept separated to avoid contamination


Organizational benefits


Super fast onboarding

Discovry is designed so that everyone, regardless of skill level, can easily get started. Our online tutorials are available for all Discovry users.


Deliverables that make sense

Streamline the investigation process by having everyone on your team use the same structure and application. Get a consistent report layout that both senders and recipients can understand.


Keep the ball rolling

Thanks to the secure .pali file format, departments and team members can efficiently pass cases back and forth and simply pick up where the last one left off.


Keep track of who did what and important KPIs

Never lose sight of who collected what data—even when another team member takes over the case. You can even see who is opening, closing or importing cases and when. Everything is logged and can be easily overviewed by a team lead or manager.