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E-Discovery Data Management

The Industry’s Most Innovative Collection, Processing, and Review Solution


Save time and minimize risks by reducing the time from matter inception to document review and eliminating the need for data transfers with Exterro’s unified e-discovery platform, featuring Exterro E-Discovery Data Management.


Exterro E-Discovery Data Management


Fully integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, Exterro E-Discovery Data Management helps legal teams get to the facts of the matter quickly, inexpensively, and defensibly.


AI-Powered Early Case Assessment


Contextual Insights saves time and energy by using AI to help users quickly identify and investigate responsive data across custodians and data sources, both before and after collection.


Single-Instance Storage and Global Labeling


Exterro’s unique single-instance storage architecture allows for real-time global labeling of documents across multiple matters in a secure environment, saving time, improving efficiency, and reducing the risk of producing sensitive documents.


Fast and Powerful Document Review


Conduct document review and production in-house, or in conjunction with outside counsel and service providers, in the industry’s fastest, most intelligent, and most secure platform.


Collect and store documents only once, regardless of how many matters they are associated with.


Exterro’s unique single-instance storage for all matters increases efficiency and reduces data costs. Single-instance storage also allows for real-time global labeling of documents, saving time, improving team efficiency, and reducing the risk of producing sensitive documents.


Exterro Smart Labeling uses AI to guide reviewers to the most relevant unreviewed documents.


Advanced machine learning and AI save reviewers time and money during document review by constantly analyzing their labeling decisions, powering algorithms that guide reviewers by suggesting, queuing, and labeling the most relevant unreviewed documents.


Hundreds of customers trust Exterro’s unparalleled data security.


Exterro’s ironclad commitment to securing data has earned us SOC II, FedRAMP, and HiTrust certifications.