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  • Social Media
  • Storage
  • Messaging


Paraben’s E3:CLOUD is a valuable licensing option within the E3 Forensic Platform. As more data migrates to the cloud, having a reliable collection process becomes imperative for a seamless digital investigations workflow. E3:CLOUD offers two levels of cloud data collection. The first allows data collection using known cloud credentials, while the second employs a unique live cloud collection approach for in-field operations. Both options gather significant data for thorough review within E3.


General Capabilities


  • License Expiration Reminders
  • Bookmarks-
  • Multi-Level Structure
  • Bookmark by Tag
  • Color Customization
  • Time Zone Customization
  • File System Filters
  • Advanced Analysis Grids
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Skip Lists Filtering
  • NIST Hash Set Support
  • Custom Hash Support
  • Data Sorting by File Header
  • Data Carving
  • Quick Sorted Files Filtering
  • Quick Sorted Files Filtering
  • Viewers for over 100+ Files
  • File Viewer
  • Hex Viewer
  • Text Viewer
  • Chat RTF Viewer
  • Automatic Embedded Data Detection
  • Full-Text Indexing
  • Boolean Searching
  • Emoji & Emoticon Searching
  • Keywords Searching
  • Advanced Multi-Parameter Searching
  • Python
  • C#
  • PowerShell
  • Regular Expression Searching
  • Export Any File in Native Format
  • Export Multiple Files from Different Locations & Evidence Types
  • Export Files/Folders to Forensic Containers
  • Export Searches & Bookmarks
  • Spreadsheet Export
  • XML Output of DataCross Share with other tools
  • Search Results Report
  • HTML Investigative Report
  • HTML Evidence
  • Summary Report
  • Simple CSV Report
  • Simple TXT Report
  • Simple RTF Report

Custom Capabilities


  • Social Media Backup Processing
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Snapchat
  • Cloud-Facebook
  • Cloud-Facebook Messenger
  • Cloud-Instagram
  • Cloud-Amazon Alexa
  • Cloud-Gmail
  • Cloud-Google Drive
  • Cloud-Google Locations
  • Cloud-iCloud-Apple
  • Cloud-Discord
  • Cloud-Slack
  • Cloud-Skype
  • Cloud-Dropbox
  • Cloud-Teams Business
  • Live Cloud-Discord
  • Live Cloud-Dropbox
  • Live Cloud-Facebook
  • Live Cloud-Facebook Messenger
  • Live Cloud-Google Mail
  • Live Cloud-Google Drive
  • Live Cloud-Instagram
  • Live Cloud-Skype
  • Live Cloud-Slack
  • Live Cloud – Teams Business


Comparing Investigation Technology


There are numerous tools available for digital forensics and other digital investigations, so why choose E3:CLOUD from Paraben Corporation? E3:CLOUD is a special SaaS license so even if you are not using the full E3 Forensic Platform you can still benefit from the collection and analysis capabilities of E3:CLOUD with the use of your other tools. If you would like to see the capabilities of the E3 Forensic Platform against other tools, take a look at the chart that compares how we stack up against other tool options.