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ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery


Break complex passwords, recover strong encryption keys and unlock documents in a production environment.


  • Break passwords to more than 300 types of data
  • Heterogeneous GPU acceleration with multiple different video cards per computer
  • Works 20 to 250 times faster with hardware acceleration
  • Linear scalability with low bandwidth requirements and zero overhead on up to 10,000 computers
  • Remote deployment and console management


Supports: all versions of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, ZIP/7zip/RAR/RAR5, PDF, BitLocker/LUKS/PGP/TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt/FileVault 2/BestCrypt. Over 300 formats supported.


New features

Resource Management


The new feature allows administrators to easily manage and allocate the available computational resources across jobs. The administrative server enables users to tap into a pool of available resources by requesting a certain number of recovery agents for a given job. The reserved recovery agents will be allocated to that one job, allowing multiple password recovery tasks to run at the same time.


Resource management simplifies the process of distributing and utilizing the available computational resources across multiple password recovery jobs, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and scalability.


Hardware Acceleration with NVIDIA RTX 40 and 40 Super Series Graphics Cards


GPU acceleration is now supported on the newest generation of NVIDIA boards, the Ada Lovelace-based RTX 40 and RTX 40 Super series graphics cards. Using these boards, experts can achieve unprecedented recovery speeds while enjoying higher efficiency compared to previous-generation NVIDIA graphics cards.



High-Performance Distributed Password Recovery


Break complex passwords, recover strong encryption keys and unlock documents in a production environment. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is a high-end solution for forensic and government agencies, data recovery and password recovery services and corporate users with multiple networked workstations connected over a LAN or the Internet. Featuring unique acceleration technologies and providing linear scalability with no overhead, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery offers the fastest password recovery by a huge margin, and is the most technologically advanced password recovery product currently available.


Hardware Acceleration


Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery employs a revolutionary, patented technology to accelerate password recovery when a compatible NVIDIA or AMD graphics card is present in addition to the CPU-only mode. Hardware acceleration utilizes GPU cores of NVIDIA GeForce boards, AMD GPUs, as well as GPU cores built into Intel CPUs including Intel HD Graphics, UHD Graphics and Intel Iris.


The acceleration technology offloads parts of computational-heavy processing onto the fast and highly scalable processors featured in the latest graphic accelerators, achieving unprecedented recovery speeds exceeding those available to CPU-only users by significant margin.


ElcomSoft pioneered asynchronous hardware acceleration. Heterogeneous acceleration allows using multiple video cards of different makes and models, effectively utilizing existing hardware and squeezing the last bit of performance out of every supported component.


Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery. Hybrid rules editor.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery. Brute-force attack in progress.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery. Configuring dictionary attack.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery configuring hardware utilization

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery statistics


All Features and Benefits


Distributed Recovery with Linear Scalability and Cloud Computing


Unlike competition, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is not ‘virtually’ or ‘practically’ linear in scalability. By doubling the number of PCs working on a password, you cut the time required to recover a password by half.


By only transferring the bare minimum of information over the network, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery allows for massively parallel operation, and scales linearly to as many as 10,000 workstations with no scalability overhead.


Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery enables distributed work over the LAN, Internet, or both. Minimum bandwidth requirements ensure no scalability overhead even for the slowest connections.


The convenient management console allows controlling Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery from any networked PC.


Users can quickly deliver additional computing power on demand by utilizing Amazon’s GPU-accelerating EC2 Compute Units and Microsoft Azure instances. Depending on performance requirements and budget constraints, Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure instances can quickly scale to speed up the job, and can be scaled back when not in use. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery running in an Amazon cloud is a perfect solution when additional computational power is needed without the need to invest into building permanent infrastructure in-house.


With Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery supporting cloud compute instances, users can get as much speed as they need the moment they need. Support for additional cloud services is coming soon.


Access Evidence Stored in Encrypted Virtual Machines


The use of virtual machines is on the rise, enabling criminals cover their activities under a virtual umbrella. While storing massive amounts of evidence, an encrypted virtual machine can greatly reduce the risks of an accidental leak of incriminating evidence. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery helps investigators gain access to all of that evidence by breaking the original encryption password.


Three of the most popular virtual machines are supported: VMware, Parallels, and VirtualBox. The tool can attack and recover the original VM encryption passwords, helping investigators to gain access stored in encrypted images.


Strict Privacy Control


The included Elcomsoft Hash Extractor tool allows extracting encryption metadata from a wide range of file formats. By using encryption metadata to set up attacks, you are automatically ensuring that, in a case of a breach, absolutely no raw or encrypted data falls into the wrong hands as none is included in the extracted hash files.


Elcomsoft Hash Extractor enables to set up attacks on a tiny hash file instead of the original, potentially large file or document. Since no raw or encrypted data is included in encryption metadata, the hash files produced with Elcomsoft Hash Extractor offer significantly higher level of privacy, allowing remote and cloud processing without the risk of a content leak.


The optional portable version of this tool allows for better portability and flexibility, offering significantly easier extraction of password and encryption hashes from live systems.


Elcomsoft Hash Extractor now supports Microsoft Office, Open Document, Apple iWork, and Adobe Acrobat documents.


How GPU Acceleration Works


Using brute force attack to recover passwords, it is possible, though time-consuming, to recover passwords from popular applications with the power of the computer’s main CPU. However, the computational power of a general purpose CPU is no longer sufficient to break into many types of data protected with modern encryption methods. Manufacturers utilize tens of thousands of iterations to intentionally slow down the recovery, making the job effectively impossible for all but the simplest passwords.


Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery utilizes dedicated high-performance cores found in today’s video cards such as those manufactured by NVIDIA and AMD to offload parts of computational-intensive calculations onto the highly scalable video cards. Featuring several hundred GPU cores, a single video card can deliver the speed far exceeding the metrics of a high-end CPU. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery uses thoroughly optimized algorithms, reaching recovery rates that are up to 250 times faster compared to CPU-only benchmarks.


Today’s PC motherboards support multiple video cards. Thanks to ElcomSoft’s proprietary heterogeneous computing, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery supports a mix of up to 32 video cards even if they are of different makes and models, allowing for even faster password recovery applications for a modest increase in hardware costs. The tool allows mixing NVIDIA and AMD boards of different generations in a single PC.


For more details, see GPU Acceleration Frequently Asked Questions.


How to Order


Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is licensed based on the number of instances (agents). We accept all major credit cards, checks, bank transfers and purchase orders. Sales taxes may be added to your order according to your jurisdiction. Credit card orders are processed immediately. Electronic licenses are generally available instantly after the credit card charge is approved. On rare occasions where we must manually verify your order, the license will be available in 48 hours or less.